Translation Services

Translation Services

Grovner and Associates can assist you with all your translation service needs as in the UAE, as we cover a variety of languages including Arabic to English. 

In the UAE, legal translation is mandatory, for example, documents like birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificate, death certificate, affidavits, power of attorney, the list are endless.  

Translating documents is not an easy task and requires a certain skillset.  Our team of experts offers the best to guarantee that our clients are always satisfied with what we bring to them. For a quality translation, it is always preferred to have a native speaker of your target language. It is a skill to write and communicate in a natural and culturally fluent style, which has an advantage in passing the right message without losing the real sense and meaning. Our talented in-house translators, dealing with a variety of documents, could support clients from various industries in attaining the satisfied service that fulfills the purpose.

With our professional and legal team of translators, we translate anything you need.

Send us an email or write us a WhatsApp message +971 52 101 2110 for any translation requirement.